Our portfolio

  • Property

    We are active in property development, primarily focusing on development of residential real estate in Bratislava and Prague. In the near term, we will be able to add about 1,200 apartments in total.

  • Food sector

    Investments in mineral water producers Ondrášovka and Korunní strengthened our position in this sector. These two brands combined made us the 2nd largest player in the mineral water market in the Czech Republic. Within this group, we own some of the most productive mineral water springs in the Czech Republic. Mona Znojmo and Nikol drinks complement the assortment in the non-alcoholic beverage category.

  • Energy production and services

    Green energy has been one of our strategic sectors for years. We own and operate photovoltaic, biogas plants and biomass power plants. Recently, we have acquired majority stakes in the municipal power sector after we acquired Bioenergy Topoľčany and Bardejov. In the energy services sector, Enprotech or alternative electric energy distributor Twinlogy complement our service offering.

  • Tourism

    We have built and starting operating Gothal, a brand new tourist-recreation and water-part relaxation center. It is a beautiful resort with offerings for every kind of visitor throughout the year.

  • IT platforms and applications

    We have developed IT technology and converted it in our first true IT start-up projects. CARD – NET, Medibox IT solution for general practitioners, VIPapp online mediation services or the company CES ePlatby and its Gusto Card along with other upcoming applications are currently in our service offering.

  • Retail network

    We are building a whole new network of Delia convenience stores. It is currently the fastest growing retail network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In parallel, we have recently added our own car dealership business.

  • Agriculture and wood processing

    We either own or control a number of farmland operators and cooperatives in the areas with proximity to our bio-based energy assets. We have also branched out into bio-vegetables production and we have quickly become one of the largest suppliers for a major retail food chain operator in Slovakia. Our wood-processing business is centered around TOPHOLZ and its related operations.

  • Outsourcing of industry services

    After our consolidation of recruitment agencies our manpower capacity exceeds 12,000 employees. In addition, it includes related workers’ accommodation facilities. We have become one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.