Our licensed Investment Company Redside is responsible for the management of qualified investors’ funds. In just a few years, Redside has become one of the most dynamic investors in the Czech Republic. Redside is the key element in our investment business and the platform for private and institutional investors interested in investment cooperation with us.

    Some of our most profitable assets have been transferred to our mutual funds and they now represent one of our most attractive offerings for domestic and foreign investors:

    • Nova Green Energy Fund - Investments in renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
    • Nova Real Estate Fund - Investments in the most attractive commercial real estate in the Czech Republic, with plans to expand to other places in Central Europe
    • Nova Money Market - Investments in liquid debt securities with a maturity of less than 12 months
    • Nova Hotels - Investments in quality hotels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
    • Arca Opportunity - Investments in financial markets with focus on undervalued and/or mispriced assets
    • Arca Capital CEE – Investments in a broad spectrum of private equity investments and their management

    Arca Brokerage House provides licensed securities brokerage services to individuals as well as institutions.


    We have a distributional network of more than 2,500 consultants serving the Czech and Slovak market as part of the Deluvis and FG Financial Group and other networks.

    Via Silverside, our licensed loan operator, we are offering consumer and other loans for individuals, as well as small and medium-sized businesses in Slovakia and in the near future are to be offered also on the Czech market.

    Via Blueside, our pooling service agency, we provide comprehensive assistance to licensed individuals and entities bringing financial advisory services to clients in Slovakia.

    Our structure also includes recovery and collection agencies. In terms of NPL portfolio size, they belong to the largest similar companies in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

    The group also plays an important role in the field of online mediation and online comparators (porovnej24.cz, netfinancie.sk) as we are gradually aligning their operations in the unified on-line service offering.