Pavol Krúpa, owner of ARCA CAPITAL

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Source: Hospodárske noviny,
Date: 2012/09/21

At a time of our first interview the founder of private equity group Arca Capital has been managing large investments in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine. His activities currently lead to Romania, where he wants to break through in the field of solar electricity power plants.

What has changed in your life since our interview?
The life is a change and the life itself is dynamic. Therefore changes in life are expected. And also because it is the change that brings experience to person. Thus to reply to the question – the main change, progress in my life is that I have learned to better evaluate circumstances which arrive based on constant changes and to react to them.

What has changed in your business?
Arca Capital has concentrated on particular fields, in which we have the biggest projects. These include primarily food processing industry and real estate development. We also managed to take part in the field of energy, where we have become significant players in terms of renewable energy production. We have established funds of qualified investors and we moved into asset management where we offer appreciation from 7 percent and above to our clients.

What did you say to yourself at the instant you saw your interview prečo nie?! (why not?!)?
I really don´t remember :-)
I consider interviews in prečo nie?! as a good idea. It is interesting and pleasant at the same time to read about life experiences of people who achieved something in an informal, relaxed form and content.

Which personality has inspired you the most in life?
There are many personalities that have inspired me. I take something from each of them. Whether the personality is from the field of business, sport, science, religion or ideology.

If you had the opportunity to ask one question anyone, who would it be and what would be the question?
How will it continue? But I have really no idea whom to ask that question except myself :-)

What was the moment in your career that you will never forget?
There were several significant moments in my career. Even though I may forget many of them over time, there are several which had significantly influenced me or rather us. Perhaps the most significant change is in the economy, consumer behaviour and expectations after 2008.

What is the measure of success for you?
The contribution of individual to society and environment.