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Arca Real Estate is a member of the Arca Capital group, a well established investor and developer in the real estate market of the Slovak and Czech Republics. Arca Real Estate’s portfolio deals with successfully negotiated projects in the area of residential, commercial and administrative construction, as well as project preparation of a logistical and industrial nature. Since 2006, Arca Real Estate’s activities have been expanding into East Europe’s other real estate markets, with particular emphasis on the Ukraine.


Arca Real Estate’s priority interest is in larger land sites within the city, to which we are able to, within the extent of the actual city planning, make changes to its functional usage and consequently raise the value of the particular land site. Further, our interest is in land which is suitable for residential, commercial, administrative, hotel or logistics development.

Housing and residential construction

For this type of development, Arca Real Estate monitors suitable sites and locales; this includes searching for green and brown fields, various vacant city spaces and individual apartment buildings which have been designated for reconstruction.

Commercial and administrative spaces

In this category, the group is interested in sites and locales that are situated in the vicinity of strategic transport and migration junctions and tributary areas of regional cities and centres of individual city areas. The group also owns a variety of properties, which are usable for their given functionality and offers these properties to potential partners and operators.

Logistics and simple industry

In this area, the group focuses their attention on the fast developing real estate market in the Ukraine and all construction technology pertaining to it. Within the Slovak and Czech Republic, the group’s interest is in strategic properties which are of Pan-European significance, suitable for the centralization of various production and distribution centres for International companies