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Arca Capital is young, dynamic and developing investment group, which encourages personal and professional growth of its employees, because we view them as our potential.

When assessing candidates for Arca Capital we emphasize independence, initiative and ability of potential candidates to work in a team.

If you are interested in working for Arca Capital, you can choose from the following areas:

Front Office – performs key jobs of the company (position – lawyer, analyst, investment manager, project manager, financial manager)

Back Office – administrative support for Front Office (positions – office manager, personal assistant, expert assistant, administration officer)


The Recruitment process in Arca Capital depends on the character of the vacant position. In general it consists of the following steps:

  1. selection of suitable candidates based on received information (structured CV, motivation letter)
  2. initial interview – professional knowledge and personal characteristics are considered, required skills and capabilities of the candidate are examined by expert tests, psycho-diagnostic tests, structured interviews, case studies etc.
  3. final interview – meeting of the candidate with future potential chief – definition of mutual expectations and working conditions
  1. new employee begins to work and his / her adaptation in Arca Capital

    In case you are interested in our offer and willing to work on any of the above mentioned positions, please send us your structured CV together with motivation letter and agreement to process your personal data to info@arcacapital.sk. We suggest you to use attached form Application for Employment.

    Do not forget to enclose approval with processing your personal details as follows:

    In case of not admitting me to the position I give my explicit approval to process my personal details, stated in this CV in the information system of Arca Investments, a.s. with the aim to provide me with an employment offer in the future. I further give approval to provide my personal details to other companies within Arca Capital group, with the aim to provide me with employment offer. The approval for processing and supplying of personal details is given for an indefinite period of time and can be overruled in writing at any time and in that case Arca Investments, a.s. will delete all my processed personal information without further delay.